Live Stream

Live Stream Your Hawaiian Wedding


$350 Livestream
$550 With Unedited DVD
$1025 With Edited DVD
You can have your wedding professionally broadcast to your friends and family at home--live from the beach or other beautiful Hawaiian locations. Stunning images and crystal-clear sound is assured by our professional videographer with state-of-the-art broadcast equipment. Owen Howson of Inlight Hawaii uses two broadcast grade wireless microphones to pick up every word from the couple and the officiant. And his state-of-the art livestream transmitter ensures the best possible picture and sound will be delivered anywhere in the world.

Locations include

  • Duke Kahanamoku at the Hilton Hawaiian Village 

  • Waialae Beach

  • Magic Island

  • Kailua Beach


Owen Howson

Owen has worked in television and radio production and broadcasting for 30 years. He has produced award-winning videos that have been featured on PBS. His clients have included IBM, The Gap Stores, hospitals, institutions, and Mother Teresa. He is currently Media Director for Unity Church of Hawaii, where he has live-streamed two services a week for over two years. He produces a local TV show and shoots many weddings. He has a passion for capturing the best moments of people’s lives on video.