Ok, so working out the kinks in technology is like working out the kinks in a relationship. And depending on your age and how much you think you already know, your need to be right could beat you up and leave you lonely... or in the case of technology and me, I'm impatient so I walk away.

Needless to say, there is hope. A four letter word like love. And let's not forget about faith. Faith, hope and love, the greatest of these is love. Words so often used in wedding vows. While they came from a spiritual scripture it can't be denied that when these tools of success are used, life goes along swimmingly. But what does this have to do with relationships? Everything! There is technology in relationships. Nowadays we text each other goodnight and by the light of our mobile device, look for a place to set it before drifting off to sleep. Well.. hopefully not, and I do text loved ones goodnight!

The point is... to be "live and living love" we must act. "Do" something in order to be, or we need to "be" in order to do. Stillness can be equally powerful. If you're waiting to get married then you are still doing something. You might ask yourself, when would now "be" the right time? Oh for the love of words!

Back to my lesson on technology. I'm learning about how to make a YouTube video that has juicy, fun, edgy and enlightening content. Stand by more more greatness!

What Would Love Do by Weddings in Hawaii

How would you like love to show up for you and what would love do? Soft, thoughtful, and great to sing along.