Love In the Sun

The Same-Sex Marriage law passed on June 26, 2015 so anyone can get married in America! If you've waited your whole life for this special day you have every reason to come to Hawaii and celebrate. This state has been same-sex friendly for almost 2 years prior to the passing of this bill. Our team here at Gay Marriage in Paradise has simply been waiting for you! What you will experience with us, you cannot find anywhere else. Sure, I am bragging about our five stars, and all of our positive Yelp reviews, because the truth is...we are just that amazing! We are about building relationships and not just a service that performs your ceremony on your wedding day. We support you in feeling your way in to the best day of your life. Yep, we are not the cheapest and...we are also the not the most expensive, another reason why you would want to choose us. We are a balanced bunch of people who simply love love. We are careful with our vocabulary, also known as bedside manner, in order to support everyone in their highest good. We honor you for the choice you have made in your partnership completely. Destination weddings are about making your dreams come true and since you've waited this long, let us here at Gay Marriage in Paradise be the support you need to create the benchmark moment you've been waiting for.


Magic Island and a dove release created a perfect wedding day for these ladies from Georgia. Photography by Debbie Miller, LLC.


Makupu'u Beach on the East end of the island made for a perfect day for these gentlemen to say their vows together. Photography by Sean of Lumiere Visuals Hawaii.