Aloha to those of you in Arkansas! I have been visiting Bentonville Arkansas up in the North West this week and I was so pleased to hear they decided NOT to follow Indiana in the "no-serve" law that discriminates against the LGBT community. For a moment I thought I might have to move here and become an activist for "Making Love Visible." I even sent a letter to the LBGT Equality Coalition in Fayetteville to see how I could support them in love and marriage. The good news is, at least up North here, the folks are welcoming. There is a sense of "Aloha" or charming old town hospitality that just makes this area so pleasing. Not to mention there was sunshine and a shower all in one afternoon that was relatively warm so it almost felt like home!

If you live near Bentonville and are in need of a perfect place for a private party AFTER your Hawaiian wedding... Ramo d'Olivo is your next love spot to celebrate. Or have a shower first then come to the island for your sandy beach ceremony. Be sure to pick up gifts here for your beloved... you could nearly bathe in these delicate AND robust oils and vinegars. Owner Laura Brown say's her favorite recipe is chocolate fudge made with Chocolate Balsamic Vinegar. In this shop... anything goes:)


Champagne & Caviar!


The owners! Tom and Laura along with family support Jacob and Karli.


Fustie's filled with INCREDIBLE organic oil and vinegar for everyone. Come and have a taste first!