Trusting on Valentine's Day

Last year I had 6 weddings on Valentine's Day!!! This year I had none:( Well, one and that was booked late the day before and it had been changed numerous times already then rescheduled to Monday after all. I began to wonder why there were no calls, no inquiries, nada, nil, nothing, not a single ceremony to prepare for! I wondered what was happening or what wasn't happening for that matter.

Friday evening the 13th some friends popped over earlier and mentioned a storm front was due in and the winds would be about 60 miles per hour, a very odd weather system for this time of the year. Indeed the wind soon began to churn and whipped through the flowering Mango and Plumeria trees with random robust gusts causing branches to snap and fall everywhere. Surprise rain torrents slammed the window shades against the house. (See photo of huge puddle in front yard after just 5 minutes of rain.) Saturday morning the news said most of the vacation attractions would be closed for the day and to stay off the roads. Geez... I drive a little SMART car... I could have gotten blown off the road all the way to SAN FRAN!

I began to wonder if the Universe, God... "good orderly design" or the Head Powers from my "Planet of June" had set me up for success by NOT putting any weddings on my calendar for Valentines day! It was clearly an invitation to me saying "Stop worrying, we've got your back!'" Meaning be grateful for what you've got and more good will come your way.

Sometimes I struggle with trusting the process of my co-creation and need proof to show me it's all lining up just as I've asked. My singular job is to let love in and say thank you. That must be why we have rainbows after the rain!



Magic Island Park looking East toward Diamond Head (Leahi) Crater