fre sparkling brut

FRE Brut Sparkling Alcohol-Removed Wine for a toast for two! $26

TASTING & VINYARD NOTES...From the cascades of tiny bubbles to the effervescent fizz in the glass, our alcohol-removed sparkling wine makes any occasion feel a little more special. A steadily ascending stream of bubbles rises in the glass, releasing a fragrant bouquet. Green apple and ripe pear aromas tickle your nose, while crisp flavors of apple and strawberry delight your palate. Our Brut is beautifully balanced with a pleasantly dry, refreshing finish. These grapes are sourced from cool, foggy vineyards in California's best marine-influenced regions, where grapes ripen slowly and develop classic character and flavor. Our Brut is carefully crafted using traditional methods and our exclusive spinning cone process, which gently removes the alcohol while preserving our sparkling wine's delicate aromas, flavors and effervescence. Recommended by Wine Spectator. (Glass Service for up to 12 including couple. First bottle $26.00, second $20.00.)