what is a hawaiian style?

Each minister that performs this ceremony will present vows specifically for you. You may expect a personal communication from them in order to make your day perfect. The ceremony consists of a “Welina” or opening words about the couple and then the blowing of the “Pu”, a chat “Oli.” And ceremonial offering “Awa”.

The definition of “Aloha” and the value if it’s meaning with a lei blessing.

We will offer our traditional commitment vows in which you will repeat after the minister, in addition to having you close your eyes as you are lead through a brief visualization that will support you in finding the words to express how you feel for each other in a manner that can be very intimate for each of you.

Honi & Ring Exchange- A short pule (blessing) over your rings, exchange rings, then we will use the traditional “Honi” and position you as such and take you through a quick visualization while you hold that position. (For the kiss- Honi.)

To be followed by your “I Do’s” and The Declaration!

Does not include leis. Approximately a 30 minute service. Minister service is based on availability.