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Hawaiian Service Performers

Kumu Bradford “Brad” Ikemanu Lum

Brad’s gift as a hula teacher, chanter, history expert and keeper of culture allows him to offer the true essence of Hawaiiana in a wedding service. Native Hawaiian history writing, storytelling, giving presentations on Hawaiian culture, chants and arts in addition to Hawaiian language translation into English is an internal part of Brad’s gift when he shares “Aloha” in the wedding ceremony. He brings culture to life as he is able to blend spiritually and custom into a contemporary service that meets the modern world of today. And if there is a musician, don’t be surprised if he breaks out in a little celebration hula on your behalf! VIEW HERE

Kahu Blake "Brutus" Labenz

Born and raised on the Windward side of Oahu, Brutus is a compassionate and deeply caring person who loves to share his gift of laughter. Earning degrees in both Hawaiian Language and Hawaiian Studies from the University of Hawaii, Manoa, Brutus has developed a deep passion for the Hawaiian cultural values associated with Aloha Aina; or, caring and loving stewardship of Hawaii and its resources. He is an active practitioner of various traditions and customs that range from volunteering time working in taro patches and restoring ancient fishponds, to participating in cultural ceremonies across the islands. Brutus also has more than 12 years of training in the tradition of Hula, and has a powerful and striking leo oli, or, chanting voice. With the sounding of the conch shell and his resonating chants, Brutus utilizes his experiences as a cultural practitioner to create a touching and moving wedding ceremony that is embodied with the unique elements of Hawaiian traditions, and truly rooted in the spirit of ALOHA. VIEW HERE

Kahu "Pomaika’i" Renee Gongob

Kahu Pomaika'i is a spiritual teacher, mystic, and intuitive healer. Her awakening began at a young age with various encounters with spirit guides, animal spirit guides and archangels. Using her highly intuitive ability of the hearing, seeing, feeling and direct knowing, Kahu serves as a bridge between the mystical realms and the journey of awakening.Pomaikai is a Hawaiian Minister or Kahu and specializes in performing traditional Hawaiian wedding ceremonies, renewals, blessings and clearings for both businesses and families. This is in addition to her role as a non-denominational alaka’i, or guide, where she provides counseling that at times includes Ho‘oponopono, opu huli treatments and shell healings. Kahu Pomaika’i has also been licensed in the state of Hawaii for over 20 years as a massage therapist and is skilled in the art of Hawaiian Lomilomi. Her work is rooted in love and infinite Aloha. VIEW HERE

Reverend Gary Canier

Rev. Gary our minister on Maui is infused with the spirit of Aloha. His passion for ritual, combined with the incredible beauty of Oahu, enhance every wedding. He believes in the sacred ritual of marriage and vow renewal, and supports you in having your ceremony just the way you want to celebrate it. He has a deep reverence for Hawaiian spiritual tradition: he blows the pu (conch), and chants Hawaiian blessings. Gary offers ceremonies in many spiritual traditions, including Hawaiian, Religious Traditional, Contemporary Spiritual, Protestant, Jewish, Buddhist, and secular. VIEW HERE

Non-Denominational & Traditional Officiants

June Dillinger

Honolulu has been my home for almost 35 years and moving here from La Jolla, CA is one of my most favorite life decisions. I love Hawaii's ethnic diversity! While I have had many roles over the years; recently serving as the Associate Spiritual Leader at Windward Unity Church in Kaneohe and also working as the Youth Education Director at Unity Church of Hawaii, I also host a program called “It’s All About Love” with Olelo Community Media and it’s in it’s 5th year of broadcasting. My business came about through volunteering in the men’s prison in ministry of all places! Please ask for more details:) I have also facilitated Toastmasters in the women’s correctional facility among other adventures that have supported me in loving bigger. People are my passion! I have an amazing son on the island and have found my greatest pleasure is being of service to those choosing love and planning their wedding ceremony. June’s service is $325. Her colleagues services are $295. She will be delighted no mater who you choose. She believes there is enough love and money for everyone :)
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Ingrid R. Lewis

is called to the work of love thanks to her commitment to people. She is an accomplished educator, counselor, and entrepreneur with a Masters of Art. Her background in counseling, assessment and advocacy/outreach services lends itself perfectly to performing the ceremony of marriage. Ingrid displays personal and professional integrity in all that she does. Her career has taken her to New York, Arizona and now Hawaii. She believes that love is an essential element in living a resilient and fulfilling life. Her mission is to support the planet by imagining new greatness now!

Rick Deleon

Whether you desire a traditional, progressive, or more adventurous ceremony, I would be honored to share the gift of assisting you with your wedding, renewal or commitment ceremony with your partner! I recognize and respect any couple who desires to commit their lives to one another. If you are the more adventurous type, I will help create your one-of-a-kind “thrill seeker” ceremony! Options available include, but are not limited to, hiking tropical waterfall trails or ascending to a stunning Cliffside perch, scuba diving, or even performing a ceremony while soaring silently over the beautiful North Shore of Oahu in an FAA certified glider. I was born and raised in Waimanalo on the beautiful windward coast of Oahu. I earned a Bachelor’s Degree from the University of Hawaii in 1985 and entered service in the Air Force, where I served for 22 years, retiring in 2007. I’m happily married and the proud parent of 4 adult children.

Lisa "Grace" Christian

I respect the sacredness of joining two souls together; the lightheartedness and often tender moments that come forward during the ceremony. As a minister, I am blessed to be an integral part of a couple joining as partners in life. This work aligns beautifully in many ways with my other work helping individuals with spiritual direction. I have witnessed how love heals and transforms lives. I work intimately with individuals helping them transform areas of their life which are stuck. All of my work has shown me that each of us is a complex, beautiful masterpiece. From this work, I bring that love and reverence for each person I join in sacred marriage - as I honor the miracle of two souls who are brought together to walk with one another on their journey. My background also includes my work in public affairs, and together with my work in the healing arts, I bring my presence and special detailed attention to your day. I look forward to helping create your unforgettable day.

Geo Downer

Reverend Geo Downer is the spiritual leader of Windward Unity Church, where he is immersed in the pursuit of ministry. Geo demonstrates passion, excitement and enthusiasm about Oneness and recognition of the presence and power of Love in all of life. A dedication to service is an ongoing theme of Geo’s life, and joining two, as one is a way that Geo aspires to serve. Once from New Mexico… now a blessed local on Oahu!

Sumoha Jani

Sumoha is of South Asian descent and was born and raised in Houston, Texas. She has also lived in California, New York, before moving to Hawaii. She's an educator by trade and a connector at heart. She is said to have a calm presence and demonstrates the ability to relate well with folks from all walks of life. She officiated her first wedding for two close friends in New Hampshire, which included writing their vows, and absolutely loved it. "That was when I knew that I wanted to give to people in this way.... I felt honored to participate in this way. The bride and groom said they felt calm, centered, and in their hearts for this very precious moment and that I helped in holding this space for them.”

Japanese Service Officiant

Shoko Fox

Shoko Fox was born in Japan and fully appreciates living in Hawaii. 22 years! She has learned much about the western life-style but also keeps traditional Japanese culture close to her heart. She is married with a man from Minnesota and say’s “This is the best experience of my life." Shoko blends her love of life in the islands with nature by running, swimming, biking and hiking through which she sees the power and beauty of living in Hawaii. Her ceremonies are performed in Japanese & English and filled with great spirit and more love than you could ever know to ask for. しょうこ フォックスは日本で生まれ、ハワイの素晴らしさに日々感謝しながら、移住して20年以上になります。西洋文化を学びながらも、日本の伝統的な文化を失うことなく、いつも心の中に秘めています。ミネソタ出身の青年との結婚は "人生の中での最高の出来事"。ハワイでの生活で、走り、泳ぎ、自転車に乗り、ハイキングをする事は、自然の力や美しさを感じ、溶け込むことのできる大好きなライフスタイル。セレモニーは、日本語と英語で行われます。心からの祈りと願いは、期待以上の素晴らしい感動の想い出となるでしょう。